Graphene nanoribbon and nanotube band structure

Graphene is a two dimensional carbon-based crystal and graphene nanoribbon and nanotube are two forms of quantum wire. By tight binding model, it is easy to calculate bandstructure of graphene nanoribbon and nanotube.

I will put the details of the theory as soon as possible, but simulation code are accesible and you can see a set of results in the following of the page.

The simulation code is available for download.
It has been written in python3, using numpy, and matplotlib modules.
you can download .py file here: armchair nanoribbon / armchair nanotube / zigzag nanoribbon / zigzag nanotube
Feel free to use the code (if it might be useful for you), change it or copy a part of it.
If you want to pay back, contact me (through Email) and teach me something and I'll be extremely thankful!