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me Who am I?
My name is Armin Tabesh. I am currently a bachelor of physics, condensed matter, graduated from Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, Tehran, Iran, in 2019.
I've been born on April 27th, 1996 in Tehran, Iran.
Since I can remember, I've had a curious personality. Not about persons but events and phenomena. As a kid, I broke a lot of remote toy cars to discover what inside of them was! :))
During elementary school, I'd been interested in basic math, unlike chemistry, history, and geography! The second year of junior school I accidentally read a primary article about the theory of relativity of Einstein in a book. Though I understood almost nothing of that article, that was a remarkable event in my life. That made me feel strange about the world that surrounded me!
So I started enjoying physics. At the high school, I 'almost' was sure that I want to study Physics at the university. 'Almost' and not 'completely', because I was studying programming and it was joyful for me too! Actually, my programming teacher was my motivator to study physics at university and learn computer science and programming besides my major.
Eventually, I started physics at university. Because of my interest in programming, from the first semesters of bachelor study, I began to attend some programming projects such as Newtonian and Quantum and even a little bit of statistical mechanics simulations.
Aside from all of these, I've always been interested in the brain and more precise, the way of thinking and analyzing in all living creatures (including the human society or the internet)!

What is the purpose of my life?
Honestly, until about the time that I turned into the third decade of my life, my ideology about living was Joy! I mean I was not able to find any reasonable purpose for living the life, all the candidates were leading me to nothing, except joy and trying to enjoy everything that's possible!!! Of course, after a while, trying to enjoy, anyway, of everything caused some mental paradoxes!
But now, I think one of the greatest desires of the human subconscious is to become as similar as possible to God! At least I guess it's true about me :))! I feel it's unintentional.
A god knows* as much as possible (so humankind wants to know more) and have power and abilities (so humankind tries to become more and more capable) and the most important, a god can purely create!
As a human, I think giving attention to the hunger of my subconscious can make me feel more successful and happier.
So I state my purpose to know more about the surrounding world (and perhaps beyond) and simultaneously make efforts to have a part in creating the next breed on the Earth (Computers of course!).
I feel that I can pursue these two goals in Quantum Mechanics various branches.
So I think I can say the purpose of my life is related to Quantum mechanics, information, and computations!

* By knowing, I don't just mean having information but also having intuition and insight.